We are Rayne Studios

A creative digital media company based in Vancouver, WA


We’ve been collectively creating and producing content for over 20 years. From broadcast to industrial, we bring a host of experience to the table.


We take pride in our work and dedicate everything we have to each project we become a part of.


We treat each client as if they were our only one. Between that and our consistent delivery of quality content, our clients love us.

So, if you’re asking yourself…

What is Rayne Studios all about?

Rayne Studios exists to provide top-quality aerial operations, photographs, videos, data visualization, editing, consulting, prototyping, and technical guidance to our clients. We pride ourselves on being the creative ‘jack-of-all-trades’ you never knew existed – not by being generalists, but by leveraging multiple specialized skillsets and disciplines.

Jason Rayne spent his youth in the early 2000’s working as a freelance photographer and volunteering at the local TV station as a cameraman, video editor, and sound engineer in order to gain industry knowledge and experience for his future ‘dream career’.

In 2006, he took up a CAD drafter internship at a local architecture firm. It was there that he first began to see the potential for a comingling of his interests in media, technology, and creativity. This launched him on an educational and entrepreneurial journey that would result in the founding of Rayne Studios in 2008.

We’re driven forward not only by Jason’s love for making his clients happy, but by his love for media, technology, and creativity. We thrive on challenges and look forward to every opportunity to create a solution that did not previously exist. We’re committed to delivering quality content at the end of the day, and we’re not happy until you’re happy.

Meet Our Team

We’re a tight-knit team that not only enjoys working together, we enjoy the work itself. Saying that we consider ourselves lucky is an understatement!

Jason Rayne

Director of Photography, FAA Licensed sUAS Pilot

This guy is the reason the company exists. His experience, talent, and skill drive each project from conception to completion. His natural inclination as a jack-of-all-trades has served him well over the years, allowing him flexibility and adaptability beyond what his peers could offer. He's a naturally curious tinkerer, inventor, and creator with a knack for reverse-engineering and exploration. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and their two dogs as they continue to explore the wonderland that is their backyard - the Great Pacific Northwest.

Jennifer Rayne

Operations Manager

Working at Rayne Studios might not be her day job, but truth be told we wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Jennifer. She not only helps to keep the company focused on what's important, she helps to keep us organized and running smoothly while we work towards our goals. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering at the Humane Society for Southwest Washington as an Adoptions Ambassador, helping to connect loving families with pets in need of a forever home.

Josh Cruzan

Visual Observer, Assistant to the Director

Josh is the newest member of the team. He shares Jason's passion for media and creativity and is continuing his education on video production and editing both via studying and by working with Jason on various projects. He is also Jason's go-to V.O. and secondary pilot-in-training for drone operations. Josh is both a seasoned gamer and an avid outdoorsman, and he enjoys hiking and camping almost as much as firing up a good video game.


Rest Management

Milo is by far one of the most important team members we have. He naps enough throughout the day to keep the team collectively energized and ready for whatever comes our way. Of course, he'll make his rounds every once and a while to ensure his daily affection quota is met, but once he's had his fill of attention you'll almost always find him back where he started - curled up in a warm patch of sunlight.

Harvey Dent

Head of Security

Harvey may be the smallest member of the team, but don't be fooled - he's our first line of defense against potential intruders. However, after the alarm goes off, you'll find his bark is far worse than his bite. Once you pass his initial inspection, you'll be hard-pressed to get rid of the little guy. His life-force is fueled by receiving pets, and he's more free with his tongue than a starving anteater - but we love him anyway.