Industrial Imaging

and Project Management

Visualize and interact with your projects like never before with aerial mapping, inspections, photogrammetry, data visualization, animation, and 3D modeling. We can assist with every stage of your project workflow, from pre-design to post-construction.

We can help you save time, money, and reduce your chance of rework.

Construction and engineering projects require a high level of teamwork, oversight, and collaboration. When something goes wrong, the cost of rework can quickly soar into the thousands – so let us help you keep a closer eye on your project than previously possible by providing high-resolution aerial progress reports.

  • Up to 1/4″ accuracy when using Ground Control Points
  • Fully licensed, certified, and insured
  • Maps processed in-house for highest quality output
  • Next day delivery of most maps (ideal for progress reports)
  • Lower cost than manned flights

Watch from above as
your project takes shape.

In addition to adding a deeper level of insight during the construction phase, we can overlay CAD drawings to ensure the project is moving forward according to spec. This process also compiles a record of who did what along the way. These records can prove invaluable in the event of an audit, inspection, or litigation.

Key benefits of aerial progress reports:

  • Document job progress
  • See visual changes over time
  • Enhance communication between office and ground teams
  • Perform volumetric calculations on stockpiles to monitor usage
  • Compare elevation changes over time

Our Mapping Workflow



We start by researching the proposed project area and assessing any potential hazards or challenges to the mission. Then, we create a customized flight plan based on the type of data we need to capture to ensure optimal coverage, quality, and accuracy.


After creating a customized flight plan, we head to the job site. We'll mark GCP's - if applicable - and then take to the skies. Once in flight, we monitor all operations closely to ensure a safe and successful mission.


Once we're back in the office, we begin processing the images from the flight. This is a highly involved process as we create manual tie points, register GCP's, and fine-tune the generated point cloud data.


Once our rendering machines have finished crunching all the data from the flight, we can hand over orthographic maps, DSM's, contour elevations, 3d mesh, point clouds, and more. In addition, we provide an online viewing portal for easy client access, team collaboration, and sharing.

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